Discount Laptops – Trade your old Laptop in for a new one!


Are you overdue an upgrade???

Even if your old faithful laptop still runs well, there is a good chance the software is out of date and beyond any updates or security fixes. This is not good especially if you’re online often. A new machine will feel quicker, look fresh, be more secure and probably use up a lot less power and give you longer battery time. We can trade in your laptop against the cost of a new one, or even copy all the data off it and setup the new machine for you, please ask us for details.

Have you got an old or broken machine gathering dust?

We hear it all the time, ‘I’ve got an old laptop that’s blown but not thrown it away as its got all my stuff on it!’
Good move!!! We can recover your files for you, we can either bill you for the work or take your old laptop in for spares and repairs and not bill you at all.

What will you do with my laptop or computer when you recycle it?

Firstly, after you are happy that all your personal data is recovered we then go ahead and totally wipe the system back to factory settings or destroy the hard drive if it wasn’t possible to get the data off due to mechanical faults. Then we assess whether the machine is worth getting into a good enough condition to re-sell it or break it for parts, 99% of parts get used with very little going to waste. This is an advantage to the environment and the customer as it reduces the cost of any repair/upgrades.

Starving kids in Africa need laptops to. When we find a laptop that can be cleaned up we’ll wipe the data off it give it a new bill of health and try and sell it. Sometimes laptops are just too old and slow for the western world however and they can’t be sold – in this case we donate them to third world countries where they’ll be put to good use. Again avoiding them ending up in a landfill.

Do you repair Apple computers and laptops?

Yes we do but the parts tend to be more expensive, data recovery can be performed as with Windows based computers but might take a little longer. If you have an Apple machine you want to repair, trade-in or recycle please get in touch and we will see what we can do for you.